A “Virtual” Tour of The Back to Backs – part 48




A Virtual Tour of the Back to Backs – part 48

Whilst we walk across the courtyard let’s look up and consider the chimney pots.

There are three fireplaces in each house and there were 11 houses. So, 33 chimney pots in all. But there isn’t a chimney stack in the reception area, and the rooms above it, so that brings it down to 30. Then there is one more for the “brew’us”. A total of 31. However, there were only about 13 chimney pots still here before the restoration work started and some of those were cracked. In the end a total of 22 matching Victorian crown top salt glazed chimney pots were required.

But there was a problem!

When the cost of the replacement pots was being determined, an incorrect specification was used and it turned out that only £100.00 had been allocated to each pot. The actual cost was £200.00 each!

The “meaningful” conversation regarding this error took place in the courtyard. As it happened Central, the independent TV company, were there filming and the conversation was overheard by one of the TV crew. He said, not to worry as they would put out a plea for the correct type of pot on the local news that evening ….. and this they did, promising anyone prepared to part with them, the sum of £100.00 per pot!

The next day there was another “meaningful” conversation which went along the lines of: “What the heck have you done? I’ve just put the phone down from the 63rd person offering their flippin’ chimney pot! One even asked if we wanted the geraniums left in it!”

Needless to say, the requisite number of chimney pots were collected, and paid for. They now adorn the tops of the chimney stacks at Court 15.

So, we are now going to step into the “Brew’us”.

Inge Street with the chimney pots
A Victorian crown top salt glazed chimney pot
The Back to backs from Hurst Street with most of the chimney pots in view
A rebuilt chimney awaiting its new chimney pots during restoration