A “Virtual” Tour of The Back to Backs – part 40




A Virtual Tour of the Back to Backs – part 40

On the day when the restored Back to Backs at Court 15 Inge Street were officially opened in 2004 many people who remembered the court were invited back. Amongst them were two sisters, Lorraine and Debbie Meakin. They were living in house no two (which had beome the “Oldfield” house).

The story we’re about to hear probably took place in 1964 when Debbie would have been around four years old. It was her birthday, and she had been given a doll as a present. During the day the girls squabbled over something and in retaliation Lorraine hid Debbie’s new doll and refused point blank to reveal where she had hidden it. The acrimonious incident and the doll were soon forgotten and the family moved out in 1965.

Forward now to 2004 and the opening event. The subject of the whereabouts of the missing doll came up and Lorraine was able to persuade someone from the firm of contractors to go with her to the attic room of No2 which had been their bedroom.

There, a floorboard near to the fireplace was lifted and just out of sight between the joists was the doll. Rescued after 40 years! It was about six inches (150mm) tall and was a Red Indian Squaw.

It had survived the ravages of time, but the eyes, which had probably been held in with elastic bands, had dropped inside the head – you could hear them rattle if you shook the doll. In addition, the arms which, again, had been held on by elastic bands had disappeared.

So, if you look at the photograph you’ll see that the eyeless doll looks quite scary – but it is ‘ARMLESS!