A (Sleep) Walk Down Summer Lane – 3


In part 2 the poem from Beryl Evans, A (Sleep) Walk Down Summer Lane, gave us a snapshot of Beryl’s childhood memories of the street where she lived. Here is a list of all the places she remembers with a little more information about each. The first half is on this page and the rest is on the next page (part 4).

Of course, Summer Lane has changed dramatically over recent years and very little of the street that she remembers still exists. 

This information is taken from Kelly’s Directory 1950. The street maps are from 1950/51.

Left & Right is based on the direction that Beryl travelled in her walk from the Snow Hill end of Summer Lane.

HB Sale Ltd – 393 Summer Lane (left side) At junction of Constitution Hill & Hampton Street
Baileys Cycles Ltd – 353, 354 Summer Lane (left side)  
Beryl missed the “New Woolpack” pub at no 368 on the corner of Henrietta Street

White’s Ironmongery Stores Ltd – 19 Summer Lane (right side) between Lower Loveday Street and Hanley Street – Still there in business at No 20 Summer Lane (March 2020).

Green Service Stations Ltd (Beryl can’t remember the name) was on the opposite corner of Hanley Street to White’s at 30 Summer Lane (right side)
“The George” – was “The Royal George” – 350 Summer Lane (left side) on the corner of William Street North – the building is still there (but not a pub).

“The Bull” was “The Bulls Head” – 338 Summer Lane (left side) on the corner of New Summer Street. Site now occupied by Trulaw Engineering.

On the right side of Summer Lane around New Summer Street were these shops:
Arthur Food – newsagent (36)
William Nixon – shopkeeper (37)
Slade Electric – Gramophone dealers (38)
– Here is New Summer Street –
JW Sharples – Linoleum Dealers (41)
Alice Jarvis – Greengrocer (42)
Mrs H Jolliffe – Shopkeeper (44)
Frances Jackson – Cooked Meat Dealer (46) (was this Beryl’s “Cook shop”?)
Then came no 47 where Beryl’s husband was born.
Beryl’s chip shop, sweet shop, café and “The Barrel” (all on the left side) were probably:
May Russell – Fried Fish Dealer (333)
Mrs NM Anderson – Shopkeeper (326)
Mrs MB Godwin – Dining Rooms (328)
“The Barrel Inn” (322) on the corner of Tower Street (This is still there in March 2020 as the Barrel Bar & Grill – it seems to be an Indian Restaurant)

The Birmingham Settlement  – 318 Summer Lane (left side)

“The Coronet” was not a pub but Coronet Ltd – Camera Manufacturers at 308 & 310 Sumer Lane (left side) on the corner of Brearley Street Tel: Aston Cross 5804.

“The Stag” was “The Stag’s Head” – 79 & 80 Summer Lane (right side) on the corner of Brearley Street – the landlady in 1950 was Maud Rosina Savage. The pub appeared to be open up to 2012 The building is still there but shuttered up (March 2019).

Neweys was Newey Brothers (originally JC Newey then later Newey Goodman) 105 – 127 Brearley Street. 105 is still standing, but now in multi occupation.

Beryl’s school was next to Newey’s and can bee seen the aerial photograph.

The Pie Shop was possibly Clifford Brewer – baker at 102 Summer Lane (right side) on the corner of New John Street West, but the site is now under the widened New John Street West part of the middle ring road. Ironically, there is now a branch of “Subway” very close to this site.
The “Brit” was “The Britannia” which stood on the corner of New John Street West (left side); but, as with the Pie Shop the site is now under the widened New John Street West.

The Post Office was at 283 Summer Lane (left side) at the junction of New John Street West – no longer standing.

Devereaux “iced loll” shop does not appear in the 1950 or 1956 directory but directly opposite the Post Office on the right side of Summer Lane at no 103 was Mrs Eunice Harding – confectioner. The name E Devereaux however appears as the secretary of the Westfield Social Club further along at no 109. Was E Devereaux perhaps Eunice Harding’s maiden name?
“The Vine” pub is next door to Harding’s sweet shop at no 104 and in 1950 the landlord was Arthur Moore.

The Birmingham Co-operative Society shop was next door to The Vine at no 105. The last three properties and many more on this side of Summer Lane have gone. On the corner of New John Street West is a tidy patch of grass and further along here streets that Beryl mentions have gone to be replaced by what looks like 1960s municipal housing all with new roads and footpaths.

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Here are the maps of this part of the walk (start at the bottom):